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Sure, You Need Water in Your Earthquake Kit, but Scuba Gear?

Real life superhero Hideaki Akaiwa gives new meaning to the word badass. While others gaped in shock at the scope of the disaster, Mr. Akaiwa donned his superhero costume (aka scuba gear), dove into the tsunami waters, found his house, and then rescued his wife who was barely keeping her head above water on the second floor.

You don’t need to be a scuba-diving superhero to be a the badass who gets your family to safety in an earthquake. Take a few minutes now to create a disaster plan for you and your family. No scuba suit required.

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Caribbean Earthquake Training You Can Dance To!

Although it’s not really hard to remember Drop, cover and hold on, we have to give our applause to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency for creating a song, a dance, and a video for the concept. We’ve showed it to earthquake experts all over California who are even now, singing along in their heads to this catchy tune.

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