Caribbean Earthquake Training You Can Dance To!

The Drop, Cover and Hold On dance

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency has produced some of the most inventive and fun educational earthquake safety videos I have found. Here is an example of one of their campaign songs. This is earthquake preparation you can dance to!

By Elizabeth Rood

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2 comments on “Caribbean Earthquake Training You Can Dance To!
  1. Elizabeth Fong says:


    I don’t have any thing that my husband could take drop, cover and hold on. We have only table glass tops that are too dangerous to get under.

    What would you suggest?

    Elizabeth Fong

  2. admin says:

    “Drop, cover and hold on” doesn’t mean necessarily dropping beneath something. If you’re out in the open, drop to the ground, put your arms over your head and and stay down! Look at the image of people at 0:45.

    We will cover this in more detail in upcoming posts.

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