How to Make Fake Wine


The amazing and hunky engineers at the Jacobs School of Engineering earthquake simulation laboratory would not let us break real wine on the shake table.

Engineer Paul, who runs the indoor earthquake simulator, refused to let us do anything to damage “his baby.”

The earthquake simulator is a giant hydraulic run steel plate with holes every 10 inches in a grid so you can attach things to it.  Those holes also let liquid run straight down into the pumps that do the hard work.

So while he looked for records of earthquakes he thought might be interesting to simulate, we corked our own vintage of wine-colored water in Totally Unprepared branded wine bottles.    A little food coloring, the hose, a wine bottle corker, and some labels is all the gear you need for you too to make fake wine that will be just as tasty as ours, and break just as well in the next big earthquake.

(Funny how he KNEW the wine would break, no?  How come he knows it and the rest of us with unsecured wine racks don’t?)

So sad, all our hard work growing the grapes,fermenting them, bottling the wine, just to have it all destroyed in the very next earthquake.

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One comment on “How to Make Fake Wine
  1. Ed Schmidt says:

    I love the video, I wish you were able to keep the shaking going to see what was left on the shake table after a minute or two. The QuakeGuardians were used on the top right wine rack. I have more info and a new video for you to look at.

    Wine Industry Network

    YOUTUBE.COM link for our shake testing up to a 7-8 range magnitude quake.

    If you would like to see pictures and testimonials about the QuakeGuardian and would like bulk pricing,
    Go to my email is or call 1-866-255-3145

    Thank you


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