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Behind The Scenes: An Interview With Geena The Latina

I took a few minutes the other day to talk to morning radio personality Geena “The Latina” Aguilar about what inspired her to participate in the Totally Unprepared’s earthquake preparedness campaign. Here’s what she had to tell us about the experience she had being totally unprepared.

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Geena The Latina: When In Doubt Listen to Grandma

The Aguilars admit that they’ve experienced a lot of earthquakes, and they know exactly what to do during a quake. Well, do they? Sue gives them a test.

Next Sue puts together a Family Emergency Kit with all the basics that they need to survive for three days for the whole family and the pets.

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Geena the Latina: Is She Totally Unprepared?

Radio DJ Geena The Latina, from the “Frankie and Geena Show” on Channel 933 San Diego, volunteered her time to teach all the single ladies how to be prepared.

And the first question is, who does she have to prepare for?

She’s a single girl in the city with two purse sized pups, but her big family stays with her a lot too. So she can’t just prepare for one person – she has to prepare for all the people who are often in her house every day. Has she done it?

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Behind The Scenes: Will It Shake Fishtank Edition

Fish tanks that aren't fastened to the wall will fall over even in medium sized earthquakes

While having a few beers with our seismic engineer friends after the first day of filming, we opened up about our worries. “The fish tank is going to be so dull! Who will watch a fish tank splash a bit in an earthquake?”

Andy, Paul and Darren looked at us blankly as if to say, “What do you mean the aquarium isn’t going to move in an earthquake, are you all idiots?”

“What?” we said, like idiots.

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Woof Wednesday: Our first dog video comes in!

Meet Zisa, mi sato. She’s a Puerto Rican street dog rescued and now part of a loving family.

She is 9 years old and a beloved second mommy to two children. While she takes care of them by alerting them to intruders, warming the bed, exercising them and cleaning the kitchen floor, they take loving care of her.

She’s got her own earthquake kit now, and she’s pretty excited about everything that’s in it, except for the muzzle. Zisa’s is in the front hall closet, ready to go, when they do.

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