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Telstar Logistics is Totally Unprepared

Today we meet host Ron Haralson, Los Angeles County Fire Captain, and human Swiss army knife.

Ron’s got the expertise and guts to get you out of the burning building and out from under that rubble, but he’d prefer you install the smoke detector, and secure the bookcase to the wall. The best way to survive is to prepare. He says he speaks for fire fighters everywhere.

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Know What to Do in an Earthquake? Did You Drop, Cover, and Hold On?

There are lots of things you could do in response to an earthquake, but the one thing you should do is drop, cover, and hold on.

Here is one man in Virginia who did just that.

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Behind The Scenes: When You Think Earthquake, Think Fire Safety Too

No Fire Extinguishers Were Used in Preventing This Fire

San Francisco has experienced large earthquakes in its history, the earthquake of 1906, and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. In both cases, fire was an immediate result of the ground shaking. In 1906, fires razed huge swaths of the city, … more »

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Geena The Latina: How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Susan, who is a trained emergency volunteer has a lot of experience with things like fire extinguishers, but not Geena. As a morning radio dj, the closest she has ever gotten to operating a fire extinguisher is passing the one in the hallway on the way to the studio in the morning. In fact, fire had never occurred to Geena as a possible post-earthquake concern.

Susan wants to change all that, so she shows Geena what PASS means, and gets her to try out a real fire extinguisher so she sees just how easy they are to use.

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5 things Oklahoma parents should do to prepare their homes and families for disaster

The USGS tells us that though Oklahoma can expect more earthquakes in the aftermath of the weekend’s series of quakes, they will decrease in intensity over the coming weeks and months.

That said, like Californians and their earthquakes, people in Oklahoma have plenty of reasons to prepare for disaster and to do things to keep their families safe. If you prepare your family, you’re more likely to survive and your whole household will recover faster.

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