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Get a Lock Down on Those Sad Clowns

What does Mommy love more, me or her snowglobes?

Last week we showed Todd how to secure his kid’s toys, and then we showed Heather what will happen if she doesn’t secure her own toys. No one wants their toys to break! And no one wants their toys to … more »

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Will It Shake? Snowglobe Edition

Will My Snowglobes Shake? Or Will They Break?

That’s the question Los Angeles resident Heather Kram, and her newborn daughter Rowan, would like to know.

What will happen to her treasured collection of Nightmare Before Christmas snowglobes and figurines in an earthquake?

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Telstar Logistics Needs to Secure That Bookshelf

One Earthquake is all it would take to make this stuff fly

In quintessential Telstar Logistics fashion it was loaded with awesome artifacts and mementos of a life full of fun and adventure, but it was a top-heavy shaking disaster waiting to happen. If an earthquake were to happen at night or during naptime, the whole bookshelf could land on little Miel in bed!

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Behind the scenes: Making the Todd and Miel Lappin video series

Photo of low riders and their owners

Shooting at Todd’s gorgeous rehabbed San Francisco home was the very first video series we scheduled for Totally Unprepared.  It being the first shoot we did everything extra careful: we worked carefully with the SF Film office to get our … more »

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