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Lee Ann Kim Needs to Secure That Computer Monitor!

The Songs are bright and accomplished people. So why aren’t they more prepared for earthquakes? In Ron’s work as a fireman, he has seen what happens when people do not prepare. So he just has to ask Lee Ann and Louis: why are they totally unprepared? Louis doesn’t really think about it much, since they seem to happen all the time and nothing bad has happened yet. Lee Ann feels like they are so busy and they just don’t have time.

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What’s Wrong With the “Triangle of Life” Theory?

Drop, Cover, and Hold On is the best thing to do in an earthquake

You may have noticed that when we talk about what to do during an earthquake, we ask you to drop, cover and hold on. We don’t advocate this simply because it’s so easy to create rhyming couplets with the phrase … more »

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Lee Ann Kim Needs an Emergency Plan!

For a family that’s lived through a few earthquakes, you’d expect The Songs to know what to do during an earthquake and have a plan for afterwards. Wrong!

The Songs admit that they’ve experienced a lot of earthquakes, but they confess they have never done an earthquake drill with their kids and have no idea what to do. Isn’t it lucky that Ron is an authority on earthquake drills!

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If Zisa Can Do it, So Can You! Show Us Your Dog Emergency Kit!

Last week we told you about our Win a $250 Quake Kit contest.  Here’s how easy it is to put together a dog emergency kit. Zisa is Totally Unprepared’s office dog. Her primary duties include, but are not limited to: … more »

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Lee Ann Kim is Totally Unprepared

Ron Haralson, our superhero fireman and charming host paid a visit to the San Diego home of Lee Ann Kim, her husband Louis Song, and their two little boys. Ron wanted to know if the Song family is prepared for earthquakes. He expected to find a very prepared household. Boy, was he surprised!

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