This Week’s Mystery Grab-and-Go Bag Belongs To…

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Each week during National Preparedness Month, we’ve been creating celebrity mystery grab-and-go bags and asking you to try your hand at guessing the owner

This week’s mystery grab-and-go bag belongs to: Homer Simpson! If that is who you guessed, good work!

Homer Simpson is the patriarch of The Simpsons, the animated family from the long-running television show of the same name. Homer loves doughnuts, beer and his family. He also loves the Weather Girls, and “It’s Raining Men” is his favorite song. His daughter Lisa is the resident genius in the family. One suspects she is the one who got Homer to make an emergency grab-and-go bag. Homer would probably not be prepared without the help of his family.

Homer experiences a lot of emergencies and disasters in his life, so this grab-and-go bag should really come in handy for him. You may not experience as many disasters as Homer, but a grab-and-go bag will be just as useful for you when you do.

We hope you have enjoyed our Mystery Grab-and-Go Bag game in honor of National Preparedness Month, and it has helped you think about what you want to include in your emergency kit.  Don’t forget to get prepared!

We don't think those doughnuts will keep for very long!

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2 comments on “This Week’s Mystery Grab-and-Go Bag Belongs To…
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