Who’s The Owner of This Week’s Mystery Grab-&Go Bag?

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It is the final week of National Preparedness Month, so our last mystery grab-and-go bag belongs to someone both silly and iconic.

Throughout September, we are sharing photos of earthquake preparedness kits created with a famous person or character in mind. It contains items they would want if they were making an emergency grab-&-go bag in time for National Preparedness Month. Our grab-and-go bag maker is very famous! See if you can guess who it was created for, once you see the personal items included. Here is how this grab-and-go bag maker might describe its contents:

  • Emergency Wallet Cards: I never would have thought of these myself, but my daughter told me we needed them for the whole family. She is smart so I let her fill them out for me.
  • My Favorite Record: I love “It’s Raining Men”. You would not expect me to pack my bag without it, would you?
  • Doughnuts: My favorite food. Every day I buy a box of doughnuts, then eat them. So they will always be in my grab-and-go bag, or in my belly.
  • Beer: I love beer.
  • Keys to my neighbor’s house: He does not know I have a set, but I know if anything is missing from my grab-and-go bag, I can go next door to borrow what I need.

We’ll keep posting photos on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week as clues to help you solve the puzzle of who this grab-and-go bag belongs to. Friday we will tell you the identity of our mystery go-bag maker. Do you know who it is? Take a guess!

A real family guy

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6 comments on “Who’s The Owner of This Week’s Mystery Grab-&Go Bag?
  1. Eileen Hoyt says:

    Homer Simpson?

  2. Gwen says:

    Homer Simpson! D’oh!

  3. Jennifer Cohen says:

    Homer Simpson. Marge’s response, “Oh Homey!”

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