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What’s Lurking Under Your Bed and What to Do About It

Is that an evil monster under the bed or a handy earthquake go bag? Put your hand under the bed to find out. If you pull back a stump, you'll know! :-0

Is there something lurking under your bed? The better question is, “Should there be?” And the answer is, “Yes!” You should have go bag under your bed for emergencies. You can put one together as fast as you can read this post. Well, almost as fast, but it is still very easy, and a smart thing to do.

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What’s in a Japanese Earthquake Kit?

There is no reason your earthquake preparedness kit can't be cute like this Hello Kitty disaster bag.

Japan knows a thing or two about earthquake preparedness. And they know how to make really cool gadgets. So, what’s in a Japanese earthquake kit? Do they include the kind of high tech toys James Bond would have? Inflatable air bags to protect against falling items, parachutes for quickly evacuating tall buildings and tents that automatically unfold from wallet-sized packages? We took a look at some Japanese earthquake kits to find out.

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Red Cross Traveling Table Teaches Earthquake Safety

You, too, can learn to drop, take cover and hold on under this Red Cross traveling earthquake safety exhibit.

Did you know April is California Earthquake Preparedness month? The Red Cross is hard at work teaching earthquake safety. To show people the easy steps they can take to be safer they’ve created a touring earthquake safety exhibit. It’s called the Traveling Red Table™.

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Sixth Graders Test Gingerbread Houses for Earthquake Safety

Sixth grade students in Jeanne Feeney's science class test their gingerbread house earthquake engineering skills.

We’ve all heard of Hansel and Gretel, the two children lost in the woods who stumble across the gingerbread house of an evil witch. We know what you are thinking, was that house to code? How safe are gingerbread houses in earthquakes? Is frosting mortar structurally sound? And can I have some?

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