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How Victorian Disgust Almost Kept You from Having Delicious Emergency Food

"Queen Victoria is Not Amused by Food in Tinned Canisters." Tinned cans are wonderful inventions with Royal approval, but the queen would not have been amused by the crooked government contractor who supplied bad food to England in the 1850s.

Canned food is tasty, reliable and has a long shelf life. It’s a great choice as part of the 3 to 14 days worth of food you should store in your home emergency kit. It’s everyday food that will help … more »

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Keep Your Pet Fish From Becoming Sushi in an Earthquake

Aquariums are heavy and the glass ones can be delicate, so it’s really important to secure your aquarium to your walls. A falling aquarium is not only dangerous to you, it’s also a bad thing for your fish. Don’t let your pet fish become sushi…

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Prepping Like a Pirate: Water Barrels

Do these two pirates look like preppers?

If you’ve seen a pirate movie you’ve probably seen sailors filling big wooden drinking water barrels. Imagine if you had some of those barrels for home use. Think of the ease and convenience. All you need to do is send … more »

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Prep Like a Sailor: What Pirates and Explorers Knew About Prepping for Earthquakes

The men hanging on the yard arm of the tall ship Garthsnaid might have found earthquakes quaint by comparason.

Sailing on a square-rigged ship from the Golden Age of Sail was a bit like being in a full-time earthquake. Sailors knew a thing or two about prepping and you can learn from them, too.

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