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What’s the Plan Stan?

During a typical day, families don’t spend all their time together. Look at the Songs! Parents go to work, kids go to school, pets sleep on the bed unless they’re actually secret agents undercover, in which case you won’t have … more »

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How to Practice for An Earthquake

Watch the Song family and Totally Unprepared’s host Firefighter Ron Haralson drill for earthquakes.  If you’ve been reading our posts and wondering “Who does that?” let’s make it clear: families across California practice drop, cover, and hold on so that … more »

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Use Twitter to Make You Safe During Zombie Attacks – Or After Earthquakes

Zombie text messaging: "Brains! Brains!!!" "Sigh...I like you better before you were a zombie."

Text messaging by phone and social media like Twitter and Facebook are the way more and more people connect. They can be great ways to keep in touch in emergencies if you have a smartphone with enough power and a … more »

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Make Your Own Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

This illustration by the CDC shows the Zombie Apocalypse in progress. Don't get caught off guard. Have an emergency kit on hand.

Choices, choices: commercial Zombie Apocalypse emergency kit or personalized kit? Bucket or backpack? Regular food or special emergency food? Cricket bat or baseball bat? Either way, a zombie emergency kit can also help you after earthquakes.

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