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Are You Gonna Drop, Cover, and Hold On When An Earthquake Strikes?

Have you heard the phrase “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”? Do you know why people keep saying it? One reason. In an earthquake, drop, cover, and hold on can save your life. “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” or DCHO is … more »

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If You Feel It, Tell the USGS

Have you seen this great Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) dance video?   They cover every possible danger you might encounter during an earthquake  in a jingle that’s fast-paced and funky.  I catch myself singing the tag line, “Let me … more »

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Disaster v. Preparedness:
Keep Mayhem to a Minimum

Looks like our old friend Disaster or better yet, our old foe is at it again.  While it might feel like Disaster is always ready when you’re ahem least ready,  know that you don’t need to be a Doomsday Prepper to keep your … more »

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Watch a Printer Destroy An Entire Office

Watching this video footage may make you rethink your office decor. Falling bookshelves and toppling refrigerators cannot compete with the mighty power of the floor printer! In this video simulation,  NEEsit built an open-plan 4-story building on their shake-table and filled it … more »

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Disaster v. Preparedness:
Round 1

I’m sure we’ve all had our bouts with Disaster, Mayhem, and Chaos even.  Heck I know I have.  I am a California native after all.  But folks, allow me to introduce you to the dynamic duo from PrepareMetroKC. Please give it up … more »

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