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Having an Emergency at Burning Man? There’s an App for That.

The desert is a harsh environment. According to the medical staff at Burning Man, dehydration and lacerations from stepping on or tripping over rebar stakes are the most common injuries on the playa. Whether they’re little owwies or big inconveniences, … more »

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Survival at Burning Man Prepares You for Earthquake Survival Too!

Are you going to Burning Man August 26th? Have you bought enough water, food, flashlight batteries, and Duct tape for the week? Do you know where your work gloves, dust mask and first aid kit are? If you answered yes … more »

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The Top 5 Things to Do to Prepare Your Dog for an Earthquake

Your furry best friend relies on you for everything, be it providing a stick to chase, offering treats for good behavior, or a cozy place to rest her head. For a dog that lives in earthquake country however, she is … more »

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Disaster v. Preparedness:
It’s Not Rocket Science

Some people are blessed, or perhaps a better description  may be cursed, with having a 6th sense.  Sounds pretty handy if you’re in the business of predicting winning lottery numbers or better yet, future disasters. But before you shell out some … more »

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