The Top 5 Things to Do to Prepare Your Dog for an Earthquake

The Dogs of Awesome Pawsome by Liz Larson

Your furry best friend relies on you for everything, be it providing a stick to chase, offering treats for good behavior, or a cozy place to rest her head. For a dog that lives in earthquake country however, she is also counting on you to keep her safe and healthy after an earthquake.  Learn what the top 5 things are that your dog needs to be able to thrive during and after the next earthquake.

Your dog may be your best friend, but you two can’t have a heart-to-heart about earthquake preparation. You love that crazy mutt, so we want to help you get your dog ready for the next earthquake.

But where do you start? First, make a plan. You know all about making an emergency plan for your family, but what about making an emergency plan for your pooch? Plan is the first step in the CalEMA guide to preparing pets. Here’s what you need to think about for your dog’s emergency plan:

  • Rescue Alert Sticker to draw attention of first-responders. If you are not home, who is going to get her out safely? First-responders, like firefighters and police may be the first people on the scene, so let them know your dog is inside. Visit the ASPCA to order free Rescue Alert Stickers for your dog..
  • Find/Establish a Safe Haven for your dog. Do you have a contingency plan in place if you cannot take your dog with you to a shelter? Here are some ideas for keeping your furry friend safe:
    • Make a list of out-of-area hotels that allow pets. Check out to find hotels that can take you and your dog as guests.
    • Make arrangements with an out of area pet shelter or boarding facility that can take care of your dog till you and she can be reunited.
    • Ask your dog-obsessed friend who lives in the next town over if he is willing to have your sweet pup as a guest till you find a new home.
  • Microchip your dog, to ensure they can be found if you get separated from you. Learn more about Microchipping from the American Humane Society.
  • Make sure your dog’s tags have current information, and that your dog has up-to-date vaccines. Unvaccinated dogs will not be welcome in shelters that accept pets.
  • Make a dog earthquake kit. We can help you with that. Check out our “Pet Earthquake kit” description in our “Get Ready Quick” pages.

When Totally Unprepared visited the Gingery family, we met their golden lab Maya. She was a lot of fun while we were filming and we realized Maya needed to be made ready for an earthquake too. So when we presented the Gingerys with emergency grab-&-go bags, Maya also got her very own.

If the Gingerys need to evacuate after an earthquake, they’ll be able to bring Maya with them because she’ll have a kit, with her vaccination and license records so that animal friendly disaster shelters can take her too.

There are lots more great resources for preparing your pet for disaster at The Red Cross,,, and Check ‘em out!

Thanks to Awesome Pawsome Dog Walking for the great photo.

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