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Drop, Cover, and Hold On: Doing it Right!

If the ground starts to shake what will you do? Do you know what to do during an earthquake? If you live in California, your kids have already learned drop, cover, & hold on at school. So why not practice … more »

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When the Ground Shakes, Don’t Panic, Drop, Cover and Hold On. Your Kids Will Thank You.

A parent’s instinct when there is a sign of danger is to immediately run to protect their children. But is this always the very best thing to do if the danger is an earthquake? The most important thing to do … more »

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What’s the Plan, Stan? Three Simple Steps for Making a Family Emergency Plan!

When you think of earthquakes, do you just get scared? Or are you thinking of earthquakes to figure out what your plan is to deal with the aftermath? You and your family need an emergency plan, so since it is … more »

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How do You Talk to Your Children About Earthquakes?

This Little Girl Will Survive an Earthquake For Sure

It is easier than you think. If you live in California, your child learned the basics about what to do in an earthquake in school. They may even be able to show you how to drop, cover, and hold on. … more »

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The 6-Point Plan to Keep Your College Kid Earthquake Safe

If your child was accepted to a University in earthquake country, don’t worry. Just get him or her prepared and make a plan instead. Sending your child away to college can be wonderful and wistful at the same time. To … more »

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