Earthquake Country Checklist for New College Students


Your star student got their wish and is enrolling in their favorite college program in the West. Your son or daughter got their bedside lamp, sheets, and alarm clock, their storage bins and their new laptop. But if you are sending your kid to college in earthquake country, they’ll need more. They’ll need an emergency grab-&-go bag to put under the bed in case of earthquakes.

Your new college student will have nothing to fear from earthquakes, as long as he or she is prepared. You can help them by creating an earthquake grab-&-go bag  that can be slung over a shoulder and taken along during a dorm evacuation.

Dorm Room Earthquake Kit Essentials

  • A bag, satchel, or backpack to store the grab-&-go kit in. Consider a solar backpack.
  • A bungee cord to attach it to the bed
  • A flashlight with batteries stored separately
  • Comfortable shoes (not flip-flops, they won’t protect her feet against rubble)
  • Socks
  • Work gloves (as a college student, she can count on being asked to lend a hand)
  • Whistle
  • Change of clothes
  • Bottle for storing water
  • Small emergency first aid kit
  • Emergency cash in small bills (No-one will have change, so things will cost what you have to pay)
  • Red Cross First Aid App for her smart phone
  • Emergency Wallet card

Optional Additions

  • Transistor radio
  • Solar/crank/battery charger for her cell phone
  • Pen and paper (a tried and true method of communication)
  • A book (iPad or Kindle may not have any power source)
  • Dust mask/ bandanna (when buildings crack & crumble, there is a lot of dust)
  • Protective goggles
  • Bottled Water
  • High calorie snacks (college students are always hungry!)

Your college kid may have his/her own ideas about what he/she needs in that grab-&-go bag, so ask. What will he/she really want to have  if she has to leave his/her dorm room after an earthquake? A favorite teddy bear? A funky hat? Dominos? Cosmic Wimpout? Plan your college student’s grab-&-go bag with them, so they will be prepared in case of earthquakes and you will have piece of mind.

Photo Credit: WilliamsCollege on Flickr.

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