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Go Solar in Your Personal Quake Kit

We recently went on a short camping trip and took a GoalZero solar charger with us to test out as a way to keep our smart phones live. A portable solar panel like this one would be a great addition … more »

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Take Your Earthquake Kit to the Next Level: Add a Solar Charger

Last week we made a $20 personal quake kit. Today, we’re taking our kit to the next level by adding a solar charging station to our discount quake kit. With a solar charger and the right kind of cables, you … more »

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Kickstart Your Earthquake Readiness by Getting CERT Training

If reading this website is as far as you have gotten on the path to getting earthquake-ready, it may be time for more drastic action. Have you heard of CERT? They are the Community Emergency Response Team, and they can … more »

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Some Way-Out Ideas for Getting Earthquake Ready from Japan

Sitting atop the Eastern edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan is a country where earthquake preparedness is a way of life. Even their furniture-securing devices are more sophisticated than what’s available at your local Home Depot. At Rakuten … more »

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Buy a Designer Japanese Hard-Hat Chair, or Just Make Your Own? (Or Drop, Cover, and Hold on.)

Industrial designer Kota Nezu of Japan has developed a sleek hard-hat chair for earthquakes. Called a Mamoris (which combines the Japanese terms mamou=protect & isu=chair.) It is very stylish, but do you really need anything that complicated to be earthquake … more »

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