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Earthquake-Proof the Baby’s Room

Think about your baby’s room for a minute. How many bookcases and cabinets are in your baby’s bedroom? Keeping your child safe from flying toys and books will only take a few minutes. Secure bookcases with earthquake straps or L-brackets. … more »

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Share This With New Parents: Help Them Protect Their Babies from Earthquakes

Download the “Baby’s First Earthquake kit” infographic and use it as your guide to making baby earthquake ready. Make Baby’s First Earthquake kit. Fill a baby bag or backpack with all the supplies your little one will need after an … more »

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The Earthquake App and How I Use it

When the Red Cross first released their emergency applications, I simply had to try out the Earthquake app. I am an emergency preparedness geek, so having all my earthquake planning on my phone sounded great. Here’s how I use the … more »

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Quake Hike Series: Point Reyes and the San Andreas Fault in Marin County

Tectonic landscapes make for some lovely scenery. Also, as a resident of such a shaky state, it is a good idea to get to know the earthquake fault that makes California earthquake country. The San Andreas Fault is at essence … more »

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Get Help Retrofitting Your Home

Taking steps to get prepared for living safely and well in earthquake country can be as simple as buying some extra bottles of water to keep in the basement. But while you’re done there, look to see if your home … more »

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