The Earthquake App and How I Use it


When the Red Cross first released their emergency applications, I simply had to try out the Earthquake app. I am an emergency preparedness geek, so having all my earthquake planning on my phone sounded great.

Here’s how I use the earthquake app:

Plan ahead list

Tracking my preparedness tasks
I am not much of a list-maker, so keeping track of what we have done around the house to make ourselves and the kitties better prepared for earthquakes was easier using the Earthquake App. It’s very satisfying checking the little boxes in the app when we get something done, such as securing one of our many bookcases, or finding a good way to secure the grab-and-go bags to the bed.

Storing plan information
My husband and I work on different sides of San Francisco, neither of which are near our homes. We also live in an apartment building where several friends also live. For that reason we’ve put our friends in our earthquake kit! In other words, we all have copies of our building emergency plan stored on our phones. We’ve made arrangements for meeting places after an earthquake happens, and shared some preparedness responsibilities. The Earthquake app makes sharing your emergency plan easy, and we can also share any updates or changes we need to make to our plan.

Setting reminders for things I want to achieve
Some of our goals for emergency preparedness revolve around efficiency. We live in a small apartment, so we are gradually replacing bigger, older flashlights with smaller, rechargeable ones, for example. Becoming free of batteries in our emergency kit is something we want to achieve in the next six months. The earthquake app is very helpful in reminding me of a goal I have set for getting prepared.

Alert details

Getting real-time earthquake information about where I live
A neat feature of the Red Cross Earthquake app is the real-time earthquake updates. My husband and I both have friends and family in other parts of California, so knowing when an earthquake happens where they live is important to me.

Finding answers to preparedness questions
I spend a lot of time thinking about and writing about earthquake preparedness, but even I have questions I need answered about what to do. Using the earthquake app, I can look up answers to questions while I am drilling a hole for anchoring some furniture, or applying kid-safe latches to the cabinets so they really stick.

I might be an earthquake preparedness geek, but if I find the Red Cross Earthquake app useful, I am sure you will too.

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