Earthquake-Proof the Baby’s Room


Think about your baby’s room for a minute. How many bookcases and cabinets are in your baby’s bedroom? Keeping your child safe from flying toys and books will only take a few minutes.

Secure bookcases with earthquake straps or L-brackets. Get the jump on child-proofing your home and protect your kids for earthquakes at the same time. Put child-proof latches for your cabinets, so their contents do not go flying around the room during an earthquake. Once your baby is a toddler, those child-proof latches will become a daily essential, so put them on today so they can provide earthquake protection too.

Now how about pictures, mobiles, or other hanging items around your baby’s crib? Are there heavy pictures or other things that could land on baby during a quake? Then rethink your baby room design and only put soft, light items over your baby’s crib.

Don’t forget about that ever-so-entertaining mobile. Is it secured to the ceiling or crib? It should be secured with earthquake-safe hooks so it won’t tumble down on baby in an earthquake.

Don’t forget the baby go-bag! Download The Earthquake Ready Baby Kit Infographic and use it as your guide to preparing your baby. Every member of your family will need a go-bag too. Post-earthquake recovery will be so much easier for your family if everyone has a kit to keep them fed and watered once an earthquake strikes.

Once your baby is totally prepared, you can go back to focusing on the daily adventures of diaper-changes, teething, sleepless nights, and learning to crawl. What to do after an earthquake won’t worry you at all.

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