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Establish a Safe Haven for Your Pet Before an Earthquake to Keep Them Safe After

If an earthquake strikes tomorrow and your house becomes unlivable, there will be emergency shelters set up at nearby schools, churches and community centers that you can turn to if you need them. But what about your cat? Your dog? … more »

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Download and Share Totally Unprepared’s Safe Pet Earthquake Ready Kit Infographic!

We love our kitties and we know you love your furry friends. So use our Totally Unprepared_Safe Pets Kit_Infographic to help you get your fuzzy buddy earthquake-ready.  When we say every member of your household needs an emergency kit, we don’t … more »

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Quake Hike Series: Explore the San Andreas Fault on the Peninsula and the Los Trancos Open Space Preserve

A self-guided short hike takes you across tectonic features across the San Andreas Fault, but you can also pay a visit to Filoli, or simply drive down the highway and admire it from overlooks. If you are curious about the … more »

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Watch 6 Moving Earthquake Videos

There’s nothing like a little first-person video footage to inspire you to secure your bookshelves and stock your earthquake kit. Nobody was filming in downtown San Francisco at the dawn on April 18 when the great 1906 earthquake ruptured the … more »

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The Dining Room is the Perfect Place to Do the DCHO!

When they ground starts shaking, if you are lucky, you will be sitting around the dining room table for a meal. Why? Because your dining room table is a great place to drop, cover, and hold on during an earthquake, … more »

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