4 Steps to Earthquake-Proofing Your Dining Room


  • Do you have any pictures or mirrors hanging in the dining room? If so, make sure they stay hanging by securing them with earthquake-safe picture hooks that are screwed into the studs in your dining room walls. Our guide to securing pictures can tell you all you need to know.
  • Are there cabinets loaded with dishes or glassware in your dining room? Fit cabinets where you store dishes and glassware with child-safe locks. You can keep things inside from rattling around by putting down gripping mats too. Check out our guide to securing cabinets in our Get Ready Quick pages for more information.
  • Do you have tall furniture like a dining room buffet with shelves or a tall wine rack? Anchor those big pieces of furniture to studs in the wall so they do not come tumbling down in an earthquake. Use our handy Get Ready Quick pages to securing bookcases and wine racks as a guide to securing that tall furniture.

Once you have earthquake-proofed your dining room, you will have a lot less mess to worry about after an earthquake strikes. Do it today.

Photo Credit: Elegant Dinging Room by Reiner Kraft on Flickr.

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