Secure the Big Stuff in Your Kitchen

A kitchen has all kinds of things that can go flying in an earthquake!

There are some really neat videos from Japan that show exactly what happens to kitchen appliances and other large equipment when an earthquake strikes. Have you ever seen them?

It is wild, and not in a good way. You should see how a refrigerator can go spinning around the kitchen. Let’s not even talk about what will happen to a gas stove!

But there is a simple answer. Secure your stuff! You can attach your refrigerator to the wall with earthquake straps. Then there are simple fridge latches to keep your refrigerator from flying open in an earthquake.

Next, how about the stove? Whether it is gas or electric, you don’t want it careening around the room. Secure it with an earthquake strap and it will not go anywhere.

Everything in your kitchen is also tied to gas, electric and water lines. So that means you want to secure your gas line. Know how to turn it off? We can show you. As for electricity, you may not have to worry about it, as it may go off when the earthquake strikes. If it does not, lucky you! But you will need to make sure no electrical lines are exposed that might set off a broken gas line. Those work gloves from your earthquake kit will come in handy here.

The water may go off too. That is why you need plenty of water in your home earthquake kit. Leaks from cracked lines will reduce water pressure, so if that happens, shut the water off. Leave it available for emergency services.

Lastly, don’t forget stocking your prepared kitchen with a fire extinguisher, and make sure you know how to use it. We can show you how to do that too.

Make your kitchen secure and turn it into an earthquake preparedness showplace.

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