Secure Your Kitchen!

You don't want that landing on your head!

Every room in the house needs a little protection from earthquakes. This week we are looking at kitchens. How will your kitchen perform in an earthquake?

Not confident with the way it is set up now? We have a bit of advice. Secure your cabinets! Any cabinet that does not come with a latch should be fitted with an earthquake safety latch or a child safety latch. If you use child safety latches, you’ll be doing double-duty on protecting your kids and protecting for earthquakes.

Another great way to protect your kitchen stuff is to use gripping mats that will keep your breakables from flying all over the place. Securing fragile items is probably the easiest thing you can do, and won’t you be happy if grandma’s teacup collection does not go flying across the room when the next earthquake strikes.

While you are poking in your kitchen cabinets, take a look. Have you squirreled  away your heaviest kitchen items up in high cupboards? You know what we mean – mixers, Cuisinarts, blenders, and bread makers. You may think they are too heavy to go anywhere, but if you think that, you are wrong. All that weight means they will fly farther and land heavier.

Do the smart thing, and move the heaviest stored items in your kitchen to the ground floor. That way, when they fly out of the cabinet in an earthquake, they won’t go very far.

When we visited the Gingerys in their beautiful San Diego home, they had their appliances stacked on high open shelves in their fabulous kitchen. We used a watermelon and an appliance-sized weight to demonstrate the damage falling appliances can cause. Never mind what landing with a crash on the floor will do to your Cuisinart!

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