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Do you live in a Tsunami Warning Zone? If you do, here’s what you need to know

Did you know that Tsunamis can be caused by earthquakes as well as underwater landslides, volcanic action or other disturbances both near and far?  What’s more, these enormous waves, not to be confused with “tidal waves”, can move hundreds of … more »

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Cage Pets Like Birds and Rodents Need Security and Protection Too

Whether it’s a bird, gerbil, or guinea pig, your pet will need a secure home safe from earthquakes.  One simple thing that you can do is keep your pet’s cage on a low table and secure it so it doesn’t … more »

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Is Your Pet’s Unsecured Aquarium A Good Idea?

5.6 million US households own a pet reptile and if you’re one of those folks, then you probably have an aquarium or reptile terrarium for your pet turtle, snake, or frog.  And like most owners, I bet you go to … more »

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Ready, Set your parking brake, and Go secure tall cabinets

As you’re pondering different ways to secure your garage, remember that you will probably have a 5,000 pound car parked there.  Where do you even begin to secure such a beast? The answer may seem obvious, but what you should … more »

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Quake Proof Your Garage

Your garage looks amazing!  Okay so maybe those words don’t come to mind when you think of your beloved garage.  But not to worry if your catch-all zone isn’t in tip top storage shape because if you’re ready to start … more »

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