Find a home for your Home Earthquake Kit

Once you have your Home Earthquake Kit ready to roll, where do you keep it? Well the short answer is…it depends. Ideally you’ll have a space that’s dry and easily accessible without electricity.

  • First things first. Put your emergency supplies in a large, watertight container, such as a storage bin with handles or plastic container with wheels. Rolling suitcases and duffel bags are also useful, not to mention highly portable. And while you’re at it, might as well label your kit with your name and contact information.
  • Since first-aid kits should be placed in a dry area without excessive moisture, that means the bathroom probably isn’t a good spot. While steamy showers and baths may be soothing for you, the heat and moisture can make your medications less effective.
  • Some people store their Emergency Kits in a closet near the front door or in the garage since the concrete floors are more stable after an earthquake. But wherever you keep you kit, make sure that it isn’t buried underneath boxes, or too high to where you need a ladder to access them. And if it is on a shelf, make sure that braced shelving is installed so your supplies won’t fall on you.
  • Besides earthquakes, it’s also important to consider other types of threats. If your neighborhood is prone to flooding, you may want to store your kit upstairs instead of the basement.

Don’t forget to make sure every member of your household knows where the kit is stored because like it or not, winging it is not an emergency plan.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency Supplies

A duffel bag with wheels?

Duffel bag + wheels?

Sturdy storage container

Sturdy storage container






Photo Credit: Emergency Supplies by generalising on Flickr

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