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Quake Proof and Kid Proof Your Medicine Cabinet

Before the next Shake Up, secure medicine cabinets so any pills or prescription drugs don’t fall out or land within arm’s reach of your child.  All the bright colors may be too tempting for kids who might view your Aspirin … more »

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Installing Kid-Safety Latches
Does Double Duty

Kids, especially small ones, are experts when it comes to getting into cabinets and drawers.  Word!  Even toddlers have been known to climb on top of furniture and counter tops to get to who knows what?  But if you want … more »

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Away From Home When You Get A Shake-Up Call?

The beauty of including your Inner Circle in your Emergency Plan is that you can ask them for help right? In case an earthquake strikes and you’re stuck in traffic across town, ask one of your trusted friends to check on … more »

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Does Your Emergency Plan Include Your Inner Circle?

As you fill out your Family Emergency Plan, don’t forget to include your Inner Circle and BFFs.  Nobody likes being excluded, and knowing you, you probably don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side.  But more importantly, by creating a … more »

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Special Medical Information + Emergency Kit

Besides storing essential documents such as copies of financials and personal ID, remember that special medical information is primo data ICE (in case of emergencies).  Being able to access your family’s medical records will help your whole lot get back on … more »

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