Does Your Emergency Plan Include Your Inner Circle?

Neighbors_Valetin OttoneAs you fill out your Family Emergency Plan, don’t forget to include your Inner Circle and BFFs.  Nobody likes being excluded, and knowing you, you probably don’t want to get on anyone’s bad side.  But more importantly, by creating a network of family, friends, neighbors, roommates, coworkers, and besties you will be able to ask them for help if you need special assistance or offer to help others.

During emergencies, you’ll want to update your inner circle on whether you’re okay, send messages, and share supplies.  You can create a Facebook group with your circle of trust and post about your whereabouts versus trying to call each one and jamming up the phone lines, assuming your phone hasn’t already died. You can also follow each other on Twitter and post updates to find out about the status of your friends, coworkers, and classmates.

Neighborhood networks are also critical, so if you have good folks at your local yoga studio, workplace, coworking space, book club, school or study group, then get to know them because they might be the closest person to respond if you need to holler for help.

One way to meet the neighbors is by checking out NextDoor or your local Neighborhood Watch.  Together you can work with your neighbors to create a community disaster plan and share in some great block parties while you’re at it.

Photo Credit: Valetin Ottone on Flickr

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