Sitters Need Emergency Supplies Too, So Hook it Up!

Babysitting2Now that you’ve done your due diligence and informed your house sitter, pet sitter or babysitter about the Family Emergency Plan, remember to add enough supplies to your Emergency Kit to cover their needs too. You wouldn’t neglect your kids or pets, so don’t neglect your sitter.  Plus, that’s the one person caring for your nearest and dearest, so do yourself a favor and add enough water, survival rations, and medical supplies to keep them safe and sound.

If you’re really good, include some of their must-have munchies, unless of course, they like the taste of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat).  Or you can always just make sure that supplies like food and water aren’t expired.

Keep in mind that even the best laid plans of parents, pet owners and homeowners often go astray but a solid Emergency Plan will take you and your sitter far, especially if it’s flexible enough to adapt to the unexpected.  In case the Emergency Plan does need to be put into Action, your sitter will be better prepared to deal with the stress and anxiety by merely having the basics in place.

Say for instance that authorities sound the alert and provide directions to Shelter in Place due to a gas leak, chemical spill, or nuclear accident.  According to the Emergency Plan, your sitter will need to bring everyone inside, close any doors, windows and vents, grab the emergency supplies and go into an interior room, preferably one with few windows.  The room will need to be sealed with some plastic sheeting and duct tape, or whatever the resourceful sitter has on hand.

With supplies like a first aid kit, food and water, dust mask and flashlight handy, your sitter can focus on more important things such as listening to the TV or radio for news on what action to take, or checking the internet for official updates.

Another scenario that may put your sitter into Survival Mode includes wildfires and earthquakes.  When authorities issue warnings to get out of dodge and evacuate the neighborhood, your sitter will need to think quickly in order to gather everyone, including pets, for evacuation.  There might not be any time to gather the most basic necessities unless of course, it’s already packed, stacked and ready to go!  So make sure the emergency kit and plan are ready at a moment’s notice!  Bear in mind that each pet will need a crate for transport, current pet photos and ID as well as medication and shot records readily available.  Find out ahead of time if local evacuation shelters allow animals.  Otherwise, develop a plan B.

EvacueesBut back to evacuation, make sure that evacuation routes have been identified in advance so your sitter can follow the routes to the nearest shelter or to stay with family friends out of harm’s way.

If there’s time, the sitter should notify the out-of-state contact on where they’re going, secure the home, unplug appliances, leave a note, and wear sturdy shoes and clothing, because you don’t know until you know.

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