Native California is Earthquake Country!

Native people in the Southwest face a number of different disasters caused by drought, extreme heat, and wildfires, not to mention disasters and spills that originate outside tribal boundaries, but also end up affecting tribal nations.

Oral storytelling traditions give us a peak into the past, revealing that earthquakes are just one of the many natural disasters that Indian Country must prepare for, especially for those living along North America’s Pacific Coast.

In ancient tales, such as the epic battle between Thunderbird and Whale, we hear of an earth-rumbling struggle that includes “shaking, jumping up and trembling of the earth beneath, and a rolling up of the great waters.”  All of this suggests a major quake as do other tales, such as that of the Serpent-Spirit.

Join us as we listen to a tale about how tall, strong canoes built out of cedar ride big rolling waves.  And how sometimes, they find themselves flung around by the power of Mother Earth before eventually becoming stuck in trees.

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