Tricks of the First Aid Trade

VicksWhether you’re at a BBQ, baseball game, hiking or traveling this summer, chances are you’ll encounter some mean ol’ mosquitos along the way.  One key item you can add to your Mini First Aid Kit is Vicks VapoRub because not only does it relieve cough symptoms and minor aches and pains, it’s also been known to cool the bites and help with the itchiness when applied directly.  This is just one suggestion but if you want another, then keep on keeping on.

What’s a close cousin to Vicks?  Tiger Balm, a traditional Chinese medicine that has more striking power than a flyer tiger.  While Tiger Balm is normally used for muscle aches when applied to pulse points or clearing sinuses, it can also be used to repel mosquitos and take the ouch and itch out of insect bites.  Another beauty of this multi-use item is the fact that it’s light, comes in a tiny jar and appeals to those of you out there who love miniatures.

Tiger BalmIt’s not recommended for children and babies so use caution and better yet, talk to your kids’ doctor first.  And remember to wash your hands after applying Tiger Balm to keep it from getting into your eyes and becoming Tiger Burn!

Everybody seems to have a favorite home remedy.  What’s your trick for avoiding insect bites and calming the urge to scratch that itch?

Photo Credit: Tatsuo Yamashita and Robbie Sproule on Flickr

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