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How Will You Personalize Your Earthquake Kit?

In our continuing efforts to get you prepared for the next big earthquake, we have offered all sorts of instructions and lists to help you survive an earthquake unharmed. We tried to think of everything.

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An Earthquake Survivor Shares His Survival Tips

Get survival tips from a survivor of the Christchurch earthquake. Yadda yadda, who listens to public education campaigns anyways?! What do we know about earthquakes? Whatever we know, let’s hear how to prepare to survive an earthquake from someone who … more »

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Prepare to Survive The Earthquake With a Neighbor

Todd’s obviously a good parent, but he just didn’t see that his daughter’s bedroom was a danger, even after going over the whole house with the Earthquake Safety Checklist. Luckily Ron’s fresh eyes looking over the rooms for a first … more »

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What’s cheaper, an $18 tv strap or an $800 broken TV?

Host Susan Jekarl talks to Vencie Glenn about his experience in the last big San Diego earthquake. He tells her that his large flat screen television wasn’t bolted down, “it was just leaning.” The expensive television fell over and the … more »

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Telstar Logistics Learns to Drop, Cover and Hold On

Superhero fire fighter? How about superhero daddy!

Now every toddler wants a father who can prepare for an earthquake, and teach her how to drop, cover and hold on so she’ll survive!

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