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Tips for Securing Children’s Books and Toys for Earthquake Safety

Cardboard books, wooden dolls, superballs, legos. All the tiny things children collect are hard to put away neatly. They pile up and spill over on shelves and it’s easier to just keep stacking them in the same place. But when … more »

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Paper or Plaster – Securing Your Stuff Without Breaking Your Walls

Securing your tall furniture to your walls helps keep your stuff from falling and breaking during earthquakes and keeps you safe from being smooshed. On the other hand you don’t want to break your house trying to make it safer.

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Earthquake Preparedness on the Cheap – Securing Your Stuff for Less

Want to be prepared for an earthquake but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it? You can secure your furniture without spending a lot. We show you how.

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Bling That Wrench

Need a kickstart to get your emergency planning going? How about some ridiculous and fun crafts projects? At Totally Unprepared we created some customized emergency-themed gas shutoff wrenches so we can shut off our gas in style. After an earthquake … more »

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Not a Handyman? You Can Still Stay Earthquake Safe

Have Wrench-O-Phobia? Are tools scary and intimidating? Or just hard to find when you need them? Either way, not a problem. You can get an automatic shutoff valve for your gas meter so you won’t have to even touch a wrench in an emergency.

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