Online Resources for People with Disabilities Seeking to Prepare for Earthquakes

Marshall ChairIf you or someone you love is physically disabled or has mobility difficulties that will make it a special challenge to prepare for an earthquake, do not worry. There are lots of resources available at the local, state, and Federal level that can help you.

At the national level, is a web portal that provides links to emergency services information for the disabled based on your location. There are also two national organizations dedicated to people with special needs. The American Association of People with Disabilities has an emergency preparedness page that provides steps to take to prepare for emergencies, along with an emergency preparedness information network. The National Organization on Disability provides links to guides and brochures that can help you get prepared for any emergency.

There is also a wonderful organization called The Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network (CEPIN) who’s stated goal is to connect those with special needs with emergency first responders in their local area. By signing up with CEPIN, you can make connections with your neighborhood first responders and make them aware of what you will need if an earthquake strikes.

The City and County of Los Angeles has resources available for people with special needs. LA’s Disability Services page provides connections to local services to assist those who need them. LA County has created a list of emergency preparedness links for people with disabilities that includes the Red Cross handbook on disaster preparedness for people with physical, visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities, and the Red Cross guide to helping seniors prepare for emergencies.

Preparing for earthquakes is not difficult, and a little preparation will go a long way to make the time after an earthquake livable. Prepare your home, personalize your earthquake kit to suit your own needs, and remember to involve your friends and family in your earthquake plan. A little preparation is a good idea for everyone, so make that quake plan today.

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