Make a Grab-and-Go Emergency Bag For Your Special Needs

Red_Cross_quake_appAs a person who is differently-abled, your needs for earthquake preparedness are special indeed. A first-rate plan for your own preparedness is essential, and making a grab-and-go bag that suits your needs is a great place to start.

You may not even have to do any shopping to create your little grab-and-go emergency bag , since most of these items are things you probably have around the house. Find the following things around your house and place them in a small, sturdy bag that you can carry with you easily. Keep your grab-and-go bag bungee-ed to an easy-to-access location in your home, so you can take it with you if you need to evacuate.

Use this list as a guide to what you need in your special needs grab-and-go bag:

  • A small flashlight whose batteries are regularly changed
  • Whistle
  • Dust mask/bandanna
  • A hat to keep sun off your face
  • Change of socks and undies
  • High calorie snack item
  • Emergency water in bottle or pre-packaged
  • Personal, insurance, and medical records in waterproof envelope, including prescriptions
  • Emergency cash in small bills
  • Emergency contact information for family, friends
  • USB drive with scanned copies of all personal documents
  • Mobile or solar charger for your smart phone
  • Transistor radio
  • Small pad of paper with pen
  • Small emergency kit
  • Multipurpose tool

You can personalize your kit any way you see fit. Just make sure it is easy for you to carry.

One more thing that belongs in your emergency kit, but does not go into your grab-and-go bag are the Red Cross First Aid app and the Red Cross Earthquake app available for download to your smart phone. With it you can guide yourself through preparedness, learn how to deal with common injuries and ailments, and even reach out for emergency assistance if you need it.

Remember to replace your grab-and-go bag’s perishable items like batteries, water and food every 6 months or so. That way you’ll be fully charged and ready when the next earthquake hits. Now that’s pretty special!

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One comment on “Make a Grab-and-Go Emergency Bag For Your Special Needs
  1. Ed Shackeroff, MD says:

    Thanks for this well thought out blog. This information will help my preparedness presentation to a brain injury support group later this month.

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