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Earthquake Preparedness is a Family Affair

Any earthquake plan you make needs to include your children. Are you prepared for an earthquake? Do you think your family knows what it needs to do to survive one? Will your family be able to recover quickly after an earthquake? Read on for some helpful ideas on preparing your children for the Big One.

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The Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Cat – Some Feline Specific Disaster Advice for Cat Owners

Your furry cat pals may be able to sense earthquake P-waves, but they are not going to be able to tell you about it. How will you make sure your cat safely lands on his feet after an earthquake? Making … more »

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Baby’s First Earthquake Kit

Babies experience a lot of firsts: first teddy bear, first blankie, first pair of shoes, first roll-over, and first tooth. But what about first earthquake? First emergency? To ensure that those firsts are not any more traumatic than all of … more »

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5 Ways to Earthquake Proof Your Baby

Your baby has just arrived, so exciting! It is a time of sleepless nights, joy, and new experiences. You’ve done what you can to prepare your home and life for this tiny new person. But is your new baby ready … more »

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Far From Home When an Earthquake Hits?
You Need A Car Kit!

We can’t predict when an earthquake will strike. One thing we can predict, however, is that if an earthquake strikes when you are far from home, you’ll be glad you made an earthquake kit for your car. Think of your … more »

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