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Winterize Your Disaster Kit

It doesn’t matter if the temperature where you live never drops below 45 or gets below 0 in the winter. Either way, you need to make sure you have cold weather gear in your earthquake kit in case you’ve got … more »

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Throw a Holiday Prepper Potluck Because it is Always Earthquake Season

The holidays are upon us. Are you ready? Of course when we ask that, we mean earthquake ready. The holidays are a time when friends and family get together, so why not turn one of your gatherings into a holiday … more »

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Be A Disaster Buddy!

If an earthquake strikes, do you know someone who may need additional help getting out of their house, or assistance in implementing their emergency plan? Offer to be their Disaster Buddy! When we invited Stasha Wyksiel to be our guest … more »

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Make a Grab-and-Go Emergency Bag For Your Special Needs

As a person who is differently-abled, your needs for earthquake preparedness are special indeed. A first-rate plan for your own preparedness is essential, and making a grab-and-go bag that suits your needs is a great place to start. You may … more »

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20 Tweaks Disabled Citizens Can Use To Make An Earthquake Better

What could be more personal than, well, personal preparedness? It’s everyone’s individual responsibility to be prepared and build resiliency into the communities we love. It’s of course no different for people with special needs and/or different abilities. Whether you’re the … more »

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