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Get a Lock Down on Those Sad Clowns

What does Mommy love more, me or her snowglobes?

Last week we showed Todd how to secure his kid’s toys, and then we showed Heather what will happen if she doesn’t secure her own toys. No one wants their toys to break! And no one wants their toys to … more »

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Behind The Scenes: Will It Shake Fishtank Edition

Fish tanks that aren't fastened to the wall will fall over even in medium sized earthquakes

While having a few beers with our seismic engineer friends after the first day of filming, we opened up about our worries. “The fish tank is going to be so dull! Who will watch a fish tank splash a bit in an earthquake?”

Andy, Paul and Darren looked at us blankly as if to say, “What do you mean the aquarium isn’t going to move in an earthquake, are you all idiots?”

“What?” we said, like idiots.

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So what did we really learn about wine racks and earthquakes from Will It Shake?

Our Wine Dummies

Behind the Scenes on the Set of Will It Shake? Wine Rack Episode Engineer Andy warned us before hand, “If you value your wine, I’d secure it.” How’d he know the rack would fall? If it was that obvious wouldn’t every … more »

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How to Make Fake Wine

The amazing and hunky engineers at the Jacobs School of Engineering earthquake simulation laboratory would not let us break real wine on the shake table. Engineer Paul, who runs the indoor earthquake simulator, refused to let us do anything to … more »

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