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Baby’s First Earthquake Kit

Babies experience a lot of firsts: first teddy bear, first blankie, first pair of shoes, first roll-over, and first tooth. But what about first earthquake? First emergency? To ensure that those firsts are not any more traumatic than all of … more »

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Throw a Holiday Prepper Potluck Because it is Always Earthquake Season

The holidays are upon us. Are you ready? Of course when we ask that, we mean earthquake ready. The holidays are a time when friends and family get together, so why not turn one of your gatherings into a holiday … more »

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20 Tweaks Disabled Citizens Can Use To Make An Earthquake Better

What could be more personal than, well, personal preparedness? It’s everyone’s individual responsibility to be prepared and build resiliency into the communities we love. It’s of course no different for people with special needs and/or different abilities. Whether you’re the … more »

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Online Resources for People with Disabilities Seeking to Prepare for Earthquakes

If you or someone you love is physically disabled or has mobility difficulties that will make it a special challenge to prepare for an earthquake, do not worry. There are lots of resources available at the local, state, and Federal … more »

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Real or Hoax? The Portable, Folding Earthquake SafetyTable

Sure, you’ve heard you should drop, take cover and hold on in an earthquake. But what if there is no desk or table to take cover under? It’s not like everything you do in your life is always within 5 feet of one, so what are you supposed to do? Could the solution really be as obvious as a folding earthquake safety table?

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