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Don’t Get Caught Up With Brush This Fire Season

California isn’t exactly known for its abundance of rain or precipitation.  In fact, the sunshine state is experiencing one of the driest years in recorded state history.  In other words, we are fire prone.  And with summer fire season just … more »

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What’s Fire Escape Ladders got to do with Quake Preparedness?

During and after an earthquake, seemingly safe household items such as microwave appliances, furniture and household products like paint thinner can shift, fall or spill.  Taken together with hazards such as leaking gas, electrically charged pools of water, and downed … more »

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Do You Know Your Fire Extinguisher ABCs?

Do you have at least one fire extinguisher in your house? They are very handy for putting out fires right when they start. It’s always a good idea to have one around, since you can basically count on a fire … more »

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The Three Ps of Fire Preparedness

As we encourage you to get yourself and your family ready for earthquakes, we want you to make sure the little ones are not afraid and know what to do in an emergency. Fire often travels with earthquakes, so when … more »

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Make January the Month You Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

If you follow our guidelines for making January restock/refresh month for your emergency kits, here’s something simple you can add to that project. Change the batteries in all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in your home, and test them to make sure … more »

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