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Far From Home When an Earthquake Hits?
You Need A Car Kit!

We can’t predict when an earthquake will strike. One thing we can predict, however, is that if an earthquake strikes when you are far from home, you’ll be glad you made an earthquake kit for your car. Think of your … more »

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Winterize Your Disaster Kit

It doesn’t matter if the temperature where you live never drops below 45 or gets below 0 in the winter. Either way, you need to make sure you have cold weather gear in your earthquake kit in case you’ve got … more »

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4th of July Pet Food Safety

It’s almost 4th of July which means BBQs are in order!  And for the 46% of American households that own a dog but can’t find a pet sitter, get ready to show off your adorable pooch. But before you get … more »

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Tricks of the First Aid Trade

Whether you’re at a BBQ, baseball game, hiking or traveling this summer, chances are you’ll encounter some mean ol’ mosquitos along the way.  One key item you can add to your Mini First Aid Kit is Vicks VapoRub because not … more »

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Make an OUCH POUCH For Your Day Pack

Planning on going hiking this summer? Or maybe you prefer camping, fishing, swimming or biking?  Whichever activity you decide on, whether it’s one of the above, none of the above or all of the above, make sure to toss in … more »

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