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Playing With Your Food – Having Fun with Emergency Food

You can store ordinary shelf-stable food such as canned food in your home emergency kit. And you should. But for some folks it’s fun to have an excuse to buy new stuff to play with.

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How Bleach Has Changed and What You Need to Do About It

Household bleach is an inexpensive and effective way to sanitize around the house and to disinfect emergency drinking water. Bleach now comes in a more concentrated formula, here’s what you need to know…

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Quick and Easy Emergency Water

Even though it is cheap to buy, who keeps extra water around when it comes out of the tap whenever you want it? We all should. We need it for those times when the tap water we take for granted takes a holiday. And it doesn’t have to be complicated to do.

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Quake Hike: Hayward Fault,
Hard to See but Easy to Find

The Hayward Fault does not just cause earthquakes. It is responsible for dramatic scenery, which is easy to get to on foot.

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If You Feel It, Tell the USGS

Have you seen this great Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) dance video?   They cover every possible danger you might encounter during an earthquake  in a jingle that’s fast-paced and funky.  I catch myself singing the tag line, “Let me … more »

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