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An Earthquake Survivor Shares His Survival Tips

Get survival tips from a survivor of the Christchurch earthquake. Yadda yadda, who listens to public education campaigns anyways?! What do we know about earthquakes? Whatever we know, let’s hear how to prepare to survive an earthquake from someone who … more »

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Watch 6 Moving Earthquake Videos

There’s nothing like a little first-person video footage to inspire you to secure your bookshelves and stock your earthquake kit. Nobody was filming in downtown San Francisco at the dawn on April 18 when the great 1906 earthquake ruptured the … more »

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Some Way-Out Ideas for Getting Earthquake Ready from Japan

Sitting atop the Eastern edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Japan is a country where earthquake preparedness is a way of life. Even their furniture-securing devices are more sophisticated than what’s available at your local Home Depot. At Rakuten … more »

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Buy a Designer Japanese Hard-Hat Chair, or Just Make Your Own? (Or Drop, Cover, and Hold on.)

Industrial designer Kota Nezu of Japan has developed a sleek hard-hat chair for earthquakes. Called a Mamoris (which combines the Japanese terms mamou=protect & isu=chair.) It is very stylish, but do you really need anything that complicated to be earthquake … more »

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Wineshop in Christchurch Earthquake

What happens in a wine shop during an earthquake? This short CCTV video shows only too well what happens to things on open shelves during an earthquake.  Depending on how strong the shaking is, an earthquake can shake some or … more »

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