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But seriously…how do you drop, cover and hold on if you don’t have a table?

The answer to this is so simple you won’t believe it.  Just drop, cover and hold on wherever you are until the shaking stops.  If there is no shelter around you, use your own body to protect yourself, drop down … more »

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The $20 Grab-&-Go Bag

Don’t believe it? We just did it. A short trip to our neighborhood dollar store, with a quick stop for a bag at the Salvation Army, and we outfitted a serviceable personal earthquake kit. It was truly impressive to see … more »

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Quake-hack: Use A Maxi-Pad and Duct Tape to Protect A Wound

If you need to protect a wound and do not have bandages, use a sanitary napkin! It’s sterile, a good size, and easy to use. It’s a great first-aid hack in case of emergencies. Use a sanitary napkin and duct tape to … more »

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Quake-hack: Immobilize an Injured Finger with Duct-Tape and Playing Cards

Picking up fallen items, moving heavy things and shoveling things out the way are all perfectly normal post-earthquake behaviors.  Even if you quake proof your house, you may be helping a neighbor remove a tumbled bookcase from in front of … more »

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Quake-hack: Emergency Kitty Litter Toilet

So an earthquake has happened, and now your plumbing is not working.  Where do you pee?  Where do you poop?  For those of you who cannot hold it in for two weeks, here’s a solution learned from years of attending … more »

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