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In just 1 minute you can quickly find out that you’re more prepared than you think you are. Our Earthquake Safety Checklist is available in EnglishSpanish and Chinese.

Are you ready for an earthquake?  No? Well, you have come to the right place to get started.  Totally Unprepared has compiled a helpful set of how-tos that will send you on your way to earthquake readiness.

Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Pets

Home Earthquake Kit  Personal Earthquake Kit  Pet Earthquake Kit  Emergency Wallet Cards   Drop, Cover, and Hold On  Your Kid’s School Disaster Plan

Protect Your Stuff

Refrigerators  Pictures  Bookcases  Fragile Items  Televisions
Entertainment Centers  Aquariums  Cabinets  Computer Monitors  Wine Racks

Protect Your Home

Bolt Your House to Foundation  Earthquake Insurance   Store Hazardous Chemicals Safely  Reinforce Your House’s Structure  Know How To Shut Off Your Water  Know How To Shut Off Your Gas  Water Heater


Other Earthquake Preparedness Links

Even though Totally Unprepared is your one-stop-shop for earthquake readiness, there are lots of sources available online to get you prepared for an earthquake.  Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country has region-specific editions of its preparedness guidelines, one for Northern California and one for Southern California.  The Red Cross Bay Area has devoted a lot of ink to earthquake readiness too.  FEMA has an effective simple checklist for earthquake preparedness as well, and you can refer as well to the Ready America earthquakes page for even more information.

Get totally prepared!

See our "Get Ready Quick" section in English, Chinese and Spanish, and download our easy checklists.

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Tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes oh my! The Red Cross can teach you to be prepared for any disaster with their collection of preparedness and safety apps.