The “Will It Shake?” Show

Did you ever wonder what would happen to your valuable collection of porcelain pig figurines in an earthquake?

Will It Shake is where you get to watch us destroy things to make a point.  We take video and photo submissions from fans that show their favorite possessions, or item in their home they are most concerned about being damaged in an earthquake.  Then we recreate what’s in their video/photo on a shaketable and let it fly.

Host Sue Jekarl and our team of engineers will show you exactly what will happen to your  unsecured stuff in an earthquake.

If you want to be on the show, click here to find out how to submit your own audition tape.

Episodes of Will It Shake?

Cast and Crew

The Amazing UCSD Earthquake Engineers and the Crew of Will It Shake
The Engineers and Crew On the Set of Will It Shake, also known as the UCSD Shake Table

The Engineers in Blue Safety Helmets
From Left to Right, Top Row
Dr. Christopher Latham, Principal Development Engineer
Paul Greco, Assoc. Dev Engineer
Andrew Gunthardt, Senior Dev Engineer
Robert Peters, Development Technician
Front Row, Noah Aldrich, Junior Dev Engineer
Lab Mascot, Koda
Not pictured: Darren McKay, Junior Dev Engineer

The production crew and talent

From Left to Right, Top Row

Roland Lizardo, KPBS

From Left to Right, Bottom Row

Trisha Richter, Outreach Coordinator, KPBS

Susan Jekarl’s crash dummy

Susan Jekarl, hostess

Cheryl Hess, Series Producer

Sarah Imber Safdar, Line Producer

Susan Jekarl’s other crash dummy

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