If You Send It, We Will Shake It

Send Us Ideas For “Will It Shake?”

Are you wondering about how that big china cabinet is going to fare in an earthquake?  Perhaps that collection of commemorative snow globes? How about your collection of giant African spears?

Bust out your video camera, stand in front of the object, and record the following:

“Hi, my name is <your name here> from <your city here>.  This is my <object>.   I’d like to know how it will fare in an earthquake.”

Then go post your video on YouTube as a video reply to our first “Will It Shake?” episode.

Make your own “Totally Unprepared” video and get on our show

Do you want to be on the “Totally Unprepared” show?  The Totally Unprepared episodes have run on PBS stations all around California.   When we make the next set, you could be on the show!

Just grab your video camera and our Earthquake Safety Checklist.   Record yourself with an introduction:

“Hi, my name is <your name here> from <your city here>, and I’m Totally Unprepared.”

Then record yourself explaining two things in your house that are Totally Unprepared, like:

“This is my kitchen, and my appliances are way up on my shelf and unsecured.”

Submit your video as a video response to our first Totally Unprepared video.

So when are you going to call me to arrange my taping?

Whoa there, this is just an audition, not a guarantee at stardom.  We’ll contact you if we’re going to use your material.


Creative Commons image from flickr user inju.

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