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Be it a natural disaster or some emergency, or even an unfortunate incident – having a survival kit is the key to ensuring everything goes safely and smoothly. It can be a lifesaver in many situations – literally. In any of these situations, you need things that are at your disposal.

At TotallyUnprepared, we understand this, and hence, we have a collection of buyer guides that point you in the right direction. From the best survival kits, to essential equipment like knives and radio, we have it all.

Our guides are curated with the trust of user ratings and the factual backing of your industry experts. Hence, at TotallyUnprepared, you will have your pick of the litter when it comes to survival kits and equipment, to ensure that you are at your prepared best, always.



I love the outdoors hiking and camping and learning survival and outdoor emergency skills and emergency preparedness. I have been a huge outdoorsmen for many years now. I carry a first aid kit every day with me as well as a smaller one that I keep in the car. I have been trained in first aid and CPR and have several years of experience in these fields. I enjoy teaching others about these things as well.75 words – Connect with me at Floyd@totallyunprepared.com


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If you love the outdoors but also love to learn about emergency preparedness and survival skills, then you are in the right place. There is a lot of amazing information that many people do not know. I would love to share with you everything I know! – Kim@totallyunprepared.com



In the world of survival and outdoor emergencies there are a few things that everyone should know. Whether you’re a prepper, a survivalist or just an outdoors enthusiast in general, these skills will be essential to your ability to survive in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack, civil unrest or other unforeseen situation. Don’t catch yourself Totally Unprepared. Connect with me at reacher@totallyunprepared.com

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