Be a Hero! Learn Your School Emergency Plan

Do you know your school emergency plan?

It is a simple question, but do you have the answer? Every school in California is required to have an emergency plan. If there is a major earthquake, won’t you be happy to know what that emergency plan is?

If an earthquake strikes your community at 11 am on a Tuesday, you will probably be at work, and your children will be at school. If an earthquake strikes while you are at work, what is the plan to reunite with your kids? Schools require that only assigned guardians are allowed to pick children up from school after an emergency. Make a contingency plan with friends/family members so that you will have someone to step in and pick up your child from school if you are not able to get there.

School Emergency Plan Specific to the School

Each school district administers its own emergency plan for the schools under their administration. In Marin County, the emergency plans for every school in the county are posted online. For example, Park School in the Mill Valley School District utilizes an emergency text message system to notify parents and requests that parents do not call the school in the case of an emergency. If you can’t find your school’s disaster plan online, contact your school administrator and ask them what their emergency plan is.

Considering who would be best to ask to help you with your kids after an earthquake is really the beginning of a family earthquake plan. The next step is making emergency wallet cards for each member of your family. Include a recent photo of your entire family with each child’s emergency wallet card. Once you have made them, ask your children to tell you about their emergency plan and what they have learned in school about preparing for earthquakes. If they have learned to drop, cover and hold on, now is the time to start practicing that fun earthquake drill as a family. Then have your kids help you put together grab-and-go bags so that everyone in the family has one, even your dog or cat.

September is National Preparedness Month, and is asking YOU to be a hero. Learning your school’s emergency plan is a great place to start. Do it today!

Photo Credit: Kent Kanouse on Flickr